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Public consultation about open spaces

By Sarah Bamford Up Hatherley Parish Council

Thursday, 3 December 2020


Up Hatherley Parish Council Chair


Towards the end of August, we distributed a letter to 1400 homes around the open spaces in Up Hatherley asking for views about open spaces and volunteering. This built on the views we had been able to hear when we had a series of meetings on the open spaces during July. At a time when people have been making great use of parks and open spaces, the letter has generated a lot of interest because these spaces are highly valued. The response, both on the doorstep and in e mails and letters was positive and we have many offers for volunteers. Here iare some of the comments received.

Caernarvon Park

Residents would like to see more for older children and teens: suggestions include a bigger climbing frame, a taller slide, a Spiders web and a wall to kick a ball against, One resident suggested that for younger children, a bucket style swing for 2 would be nice. Better all‐ weather surfacing under the equipment was in demand. It was also suggested that the football goals needed some TLC. Many people suggested trees, wild flowers and benches. One suggestion was for a drinking fountain. It was suggested that we should have more benches inside the play area and also picnic benches for outside the play area. The hedge got a mention – as it needed to be reduced in height to maintain its health. Dog fouling and the dreadful state of the footpath from the park to Long Mynd Avenue was mentioned by many.

Cheriton Park

People wanted to see more equipment for younger children at Cheriton Park as well as improved all‐weather surfacing under the equipment. The path across the park, which was not wide enough creates problems in wet weather, for visually impaired people and for people with prams and pushchairs. Poor drainage and puddling at the end of the path in Cheriton Close was mentioned too. Residents value the wooded area and think it is of great value to both dog walkers and children wanting to explore. Measures to reduce ASB would be welcomed, but not at the expense of wildlife habitats and eco systems. If it would be possible to fill the fire pit, secure the boundary with Morrisons and selectively trim overgrowth to let more light in then this would be welcomed – but people feel strongly that they don’t want open spaces to be manicured. Also suggested were outdoor sculptures on the boundary with Morrisons, a volunteer project for youngsters and a community garden area. There was support for wildflowers, benches and more litter bins with regular collections.

Broad Oak Way

There was support for reducing overgrowth, particularly on the boundary with Caernarvon Road, so that the woods are more visible from the road and accessible for walkers. It was also felt that where brambles had grown across paths, then these should be trimmed to maintain access. A common sense approach to woodland management was suggested, balancing improving safety for residents with the preservation of wildlife habitats and ecosystems. Wildflower planting would be most welcome, and some nettles should be kept because they are great for insects. Only one resident mentioned the hedge – felt it should be kept but tidied and reduced in height. Some picnic benches would be welcome.

Timperley Way/Holmer Crescent

Several residents suggested more trees, benches and more litter bins.


Over 50 offers of help from people of all ages including the 1st Hatherley Scouts and a teacher who was happy to undertake educational work on litter – as it was felt that children getting the message across could be part of the solution. Many people said that they already carried out litter-picking and would welcome support with litter grabbers and protective equipment but already get a good response from CBC Cleansing team when they ask for collected rubbish to be taken away.

One resident wrote say “I think it’s a splendid idea to improve our parks and open spaces here in Hatherley. I would very much like to help with it all. I could do litter picking and some pruning, weeding and clearing overgrown areas. I would also like to continue to keep everywhere in good shape wherever I could. Thankyou for your letter. I look forward to starting on it all”

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