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Village Hall Roof Replacement Project

The Village Hall on Cold Pool Lane, Up Hatherley was built as a memorial hall nearly100 years ago in 1925.  Originally the hall belonged to St Philips and St James church and was used as the local church hall.  However following the building of a more modern hall attached to the church the hall was sold to the Parish Council in 1986.  Since then it has been used by the parish council for meetings and as a place of hire for the local community.

Below are the original land purchase documents for the purchase of the land for the Village Hall in 1925 and some more recent photos.

The original roof is on the hall, and for the past 20 years has suffered with leaks where the original tiles have broken down.  Over the years many repairs have been carried out, however following the latest survey the only option was for the roof to be replaced.

Following a recent survey of parishioners there has been overwhelming support for the roof replacement.  Plans went on show at the recent Annual Parish Meeting, and users have expressed relief that buckets will no longer be needed to catch the water coming through the ceiling whilst they use the hall for their classes.

During early 2021 a decision was taken to employ a Chartered Surveyor to undertake a full assessment of the roof and if deemed to be at the end of its life, to draw up plans for a replacement, and run a tendering process to appoint a builder to replace the roof. 


Following a comprehensive survey of the roof during August 2021, it was reported to the September parish council meeting that the roof tiles were in a poor state, worse than envisaged, and although the asbestos had been confirmed as being stable it would make more sense to remove it.  Further meetings were arranged with the surveyor and plans were drawn up with options for a replacement.


Several options were discussed at meetings of the parish council, as it was decided to take the opportunity to remove the asbestos within the roof space at the same time the roof tiles are replace.  In addition the hall ceiling height will be raised slightly making the hall inside space more usable for children's parties.

We are now at the stage where work is scheduled to begin mid June, and the final stages of applying for the loan from the PWLB to assist with the funding of the project is being made.