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Tree Planting

Following resident consultation, Up Hatherley Parish Council has sponsored 3 Oak trees on Up Hatherley Way commemorating 100 years of Cheltenham North Rotary Club. The trees are in front of the Manor Farm open space and our Vice Chairman Peter Worsley held the silver shovel at the planting ceremony yesterday. We couldn't have wished for better weather. We hope to follow this with more trees in the autumn.

On Monday 8th March there is going to be further tree planting in the Manor Farm Open Space, as part of a project by Cheltenham Borough Council partly funded by the Forestry Commission - the national urban tree challenge. As well as enhancing our open spaces, the planting will contribute to the ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030. The planting will be by a contractor because of Covid restrictions and the plan is for 250 small native deciduous saplings (oak, hornbeam, beech), protected by a post and mesh fence to deter dogs and other miscreants. In the fullness of time, the copses planted will be thinned out - leaving the strongest trees to flourish.

Although we cannot ask for volunteers to carry out the planting, we do ask that everyone keeps an eye out for the trees and if we have a prolonged dry spell, then we all try to keep them watered.

More photos to follow!