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Parish Council August Update

By Sarah Bamford Up Hatherley Parish Council

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


Parish Council - Chair


In early July, the Parish Council held its 13th annual Awards Ceremony at Manor by the Lake, celebrating the superb efforts of participants in the Summer Gardens competition. With gardeners all ages from 5 to 80 plus, this is a feat of organisation but also a great way to bring everyone together and put Up Hatherley on the map as a great place to live.

On a sadder note, at the end of the summer, Elfin Pre-School Nursery which has been running in the Village Hall for 32 years came to a close. Mrs Falmai Reay was presented with a framed certificate marking her sterling service to young people in the Parish.

We have continued to move our Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) to different locations around the parish and monitor the number of vehicles exceeding either 30 or 40 mph depending on where we set it up. It is a reminder to motorists about their speed. We believe that the warnings are helpful in educating drivers and the data collected enables us to argue the case for improved signage or targeted speed "traps". We accept that anybody determined to drive at recklessly high speeds through the parish is not going to take a blind bit of notice of the VAS!

We were delighted with the fruits of our investment in the pocket park on the corner of Wards Road and Hatherley Road when the wild flowers came into bloom, but shortly afterwards the workers carrying out the pipe laying set up their hut and equipment store on the newly grassed area and there is now a large dead patch. Needless to say we have asked for reinstatement - watch this space!

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