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November Update

By Adrian Bamford Up Hatherley Parish Council

Monday, 5 November 2018


Up Hatherley Parish Council Chairman


After a scorching summer the autumn has been altogether more pleasant from my perspective although a succession of storms near the end of September took their toll with the Raywood Ash tree at the Cold Pool Lane. Hatherley Road, Up Hatherley Way roundabout being an unfortunate casualty. We will be working with the Highways team to ensure that replacement planting hopefully with trees of smaller scale will ultimately lead to an improvement to the area as a whole.

The overly hot summer weather did at least get me out cycling on the roads more regularly than for many years past and my golly are they busier and threatening for those on two wheels than they used to be. Anyway, I’m a fair weather cyclist and my bike is now stashed away for the winter and the only outdoors exercise I’ll be doing for the next few months will be running or more accurately now I’m in my 63rd year perhaps I should say gently jogging.

In other Highways news our VAS (speed sign) broke down having recorded an extraordinary 44000 people (22000 per week) speeding along Up Hatherley Way where it enters the roundabout where the tree fell down. The good news is that we’ve got it back from the repairers and will be deploying at the other 3 locations where we have a post for it in the near future

We have already had 2 very successful community security events this year both of which have stressed the advantages of Neighbourhood Watch schemes and following those events 9 new schemes are now in place in our Parish, but we are not resting on our laurels and will continue to organise events with this theme. The first of which is a Bicycle marking event which is planned for the morning of Saturday January 12th at the Village Hall.

The Council lodged a strong objection to a new access onto the Grovefield Way distributor road only a short distance from its roundabout with The Reddings. The access was to facility a back-garden development at Blenheim Villas. I’m delighted to say that the application has been turned down

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday November 6th 2018 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Cold Pool Lane

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